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Super Natural Organic Skincare founder Lesley Alkin

Lesley Alkin - Super Natural Organic Skincare's founder

The Super Natural Skincare Story

Super Natural Organic Skincare began trading 2000. Until 2009, the company was called Super Natural Handmade Skincare. The name change reflected a growing commitment to using organic ingredients wherever possible.

The company’s origins go back to the 1980s, when founder Lesley Alkin began experimenting with her own skin care routine. Her research led her to study the work of French dermatologist Dr Aron-Brunetière, who saw things completely differently from the major cosmetic companies. His findings showed that with repeated use cream moisturisers were likely to upset the skin’s natural balance. Far from moisturising, these creams were effectively making the skin dryer.

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He also claimed that treating oily skin with harsh cleansers or spot creams made the condition worse. The skin's response to anything that degreases it is to produce even more sebum (the skin's natural oil) to redress the balance. The answer? A rich water-in-oil emulsion. By adding oil to the skin, the skin would respond by producing less sebum, not more.

Could more oil really be the answer to oily skin?

At the time, Lesley’s own skin was oily and prone to breakouts. The only skincare product in the UK with more oil than water was Pond's Cold Cream. When Lesley tried it, her skin settled down and became clear and healthy.

Amazed at the results, Lesley knew she was onto something. But Pond's Cold Cream was made from mineral oil – and all Lesley's research told her plant-based oils were safer, kinder and more effective. She decided to learn how to make her own oil-rich, water-in-oil skin cream using the very best plant-based oils and butters. For her first cream, she followed a recipe developed by the Roman physician Galen. It was enough to get her hooked.

Putting principles into practice: a product is born

Lesley trained with Kolbjørn Borseth – a complementary health and natural cosmetics specialist – of Aromantic. He, too, was a great advocate of plant-based oils. Using Kolbjørn's teaching and Dr Aron-Brunetière's science, Lesley formulated her very first skin conditioner: Nourishing Skin Food.

Friends and family were delighted that Nourishing Skin Food worked miracles not only for oily skin, but for dry skin too. Lesley wasn't surprised. Dr Aron-Brunetière had described cosmetic creams with more oil than water as 'maids of all work'. Widely available in France, such creams were hard to find in the UK.

Vitamin-rich oils: visible improvement

Another revelation came while Lesley was attending an advanced workshop with Erling Urt – a holistic Danish dermatologist and masseur. Erling had made a breakthrough discovery. Rather than using traditional massage oils, he experimented with cold-pressed, plant-based oils, enriched with oil-soluble vitamins.  He noticed the oils – and therefore the vitamins – were readily absorbed into the skin. Their healing and rejuvenating effects were clear to see. One blend that was particularly effective contained 20% vitamin E. Erling's hands were further proof of the skin-enhancing power of vitamin-rich oils. He always tested his formulas on the back of his left hand and delighted in showing his students how much softer and smoother this was compared with his right.

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The natural way to glowing skin – for all

Inspired, Lesley set about developing a new skin conditioner. With the passing years, her own skin had become much dryer, so she was the perfect guinea pig. The results exceeded her expectations. Everything now pointed to one irrefutable conclusion. The best way to keep skin in optimum condition, at all ages, for all skin types was with high levels of oil-soluble vitamins in a blend of organic, plant-based oils. And that’s exactly what you get with Super Natural Organic Skincare.

Nourishing Skin Food - the very first Super Natural skincare product, still a favourite with customers today

Original Super Natural Nourishing Skin Food

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