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A fantastic moisturizer ... so nourishing

A fantastic moisturizer which really brings such a glow to the skin. I was at home and my mum said to me, what are you using on your skin, it is looking the best I have ever seen it look. She has now ordered herself a bottle. It is so nourishing for the skin and I feel has everything which the skin needs to keep it in perfect health. Fantastic product!

Gemma - UK

Really helped with dry patches and oily patches

I've been using your vitamin E facial oil for the past three or four years and my skin is a lot better for it. I have very sensitive skin and it has really helped with my dry patches and also my oily patches. It has a lovely fresh smell and makes the skin feel soft. It's very gentle – I even use it around my eyes. I swear by this product.

Sarah Withey - UK

One of my 'can't live withouts'

I wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your facial oil is. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I am well impressed. No doubt it will be one of my 'can't live withouts'.
I've just started using some of your other products and they're gorgeous. I use Liz Earle products and I never thought there would be anything else as good, and I can honestly say I was proved wrong. I will be telling all my friends how nice your skincare is. So thank you.

Ann Doughty - Leicester, UK

My skin is the best it’s been for years

I have tried so many skin care products over the years and Super Natural’s are by far the best. My skin is the best it has been for years. The service is wonderful too as are the lovely simple pots that the products come in - they look lovely on my bathroom shelf.

Sally B - UK

Vitamin E oil healed my contact dermatitis

What an amazing product vitamin E facial oil is. As a dental nurse with contact dermatitis from my latex free and powder free gloves I thought I would have to give up work. Steroid cream didn't help and in fact caused the skin to thin and I was desperate. I was so lucky to stay with the amazing lady that is Lesley as a visitor in her B & B where I discovered her products. The rest is history....I'm still working, my hands have healed and, as a bonus, I have used the oil on my face as well as my hands and am thrilled! Please try it, you truly will not be disappointed.

Jan - Abingdon, Oxon, UK

The best moisturising product I've tried

Wow! This has to be the best moisturising product I've tried. It is so important to many people to be able to purchase quality skin care that is free from animal ingredients and animal testing. Well done.

Inga - Kendal, UK

My skin has never been so clear

The Super Natural Organic Skincare range is fantastic. I suffer from polymorphic light eruption, yet my skin has never been so clear.

Christine Rooney, Swindon, UK

Vastly improved the suppleness and texture of my skin

Having been born in Africa and led an outdoor life, with very little attention to skincare, I now suffer from ‘sun sores’. Your facial oil in the two months I have been using it has already got rid of the red sores on my face, and vastly improved the suppleness and texture of my skin. I am really delighted with the product.

GA -  UK

The best organic skincare products I have ever bought

I just wanted to email you to say how wonderful your products are. I bought your Soft on the Heels Foot Salve and Monoi Moisture Lock cream and they are the best organic skincare products I have ever bought. It is so refreshing to find skincare products that are truly made from natural products.

Michelle - UK

My skin is improving dramatically

Since I have stuck to your advice of not using cosmetics with preservatives and only applying your Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E Facial Oil, my skin is improving dramatically. What a revelation! Thank you so much for your advice and for making these elaborate skincare products. Have also bought a mineral powder concealer to hide the small red patches that still occur - and can't believe how well my skin looks. Thanks!

Marriane - Kent, UK

A minor miracle

Your facial oil has been a minor miracle for me as each year the skin gets drier as one ages. Suffice to say I cannot live without it. I use it on face and neck, morning and night.


Of all the natural paraben-free products I've tried, these are the best

I've been using your Organic Facial Oil and Monoi Moisture Lock for almost two years now and nothing works better on my skin. I only use paraben-free natural products and of all those I've tried these are the best. Monoi Moisture Lock really does lock in the moisture. I use it in the morning before going to work and my skin feels great the whole day even during the harshest weather. I use the facial oil at night, which keeps my skin wonderfully soft. Both products have a delightful fragrance. Now my husband is as addicted to them as I am!

BD - York, UK

Patchy dry skin is now a thing of the past

Since I was introduced to your facial oil about ten years ago I have been totally addicted to it, using it both night and morning. Patchy, dry skin is now a thing of the past. Make-up goes on smoothly and stays looking great. It is particularly appealing to be able to use a product of such purity. Incidentally, it is also brilliant for cuticles and nails.

Elisabeth B - UK

My skin is firmer and extremely soft

After four weeks of using your vitamin E facial oil, I consider the results to be impressive. My skin tone has evened out and is now glowing. My skin is much firmer and is now extremely soft to the touch.

Patricia C - UK

Tone and condition of my skin have greatly improved

Since I started using Super Natural Organic Facial Oil, both the tone and condition of my skin have greatly improved, giving my face a healthy glow.

Kimm Lawson - UK

Real improvement in the look and feel of my skin

I use Super Natural Organic Facial Oil as part of my daily routine after cleansing. I just gently massage three drops into my face for a lovely soft complexion and then apply my make-up as usual. For real improvement in the feel and look of my skin after a very short time, I recommend Super Natural Organic Facial Oil.

Jean T - UK

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