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Post by: Lesley | Posted on: October 02, 2012 | In: Natural Skincare Tips
Since discovering the many health benefits of using coconut oil, I’ve used little else in my cooking, but this often-overlooked marvel also works wonders for your skin.

The secret is lauric acid, something found only in breast milk and coconut oil. If you’d like to read up on the science, there’s no better place to start than Bruce Fife’s excellent book The Coconut Oil Miracle

You can buy cheap deodorized, refined coconut oil from Asian supermarkets, but for cooking and skin care I recommend you choose an unrefined, organic product from a reliable source. For suppliers, check out

The simplest way to use coconut oil is straight from the jar, but as coconut oil is a saturated fat, it goes hard in cold weather and melts in warm. That can make using it a bit of a challenge. So it’s worth taking the time to create something a little more luxurious and user friendly.

You can do this, without spending a fortune, from your kitchen table – as you can see from these five fantastic coconut oil skin treat recipes I tracked down.

Whipped coconut oil body butter

from The Nourished Life

Brainwave! Use your food mixer to whip up coconut oil to make it easier to use in cold weather. Full recipe

Coconut sugar body scrub

from Paisley Boulevard

Simple, but surprisingly effective. Leaves skin fantastically smooth and smelling heavenly. Full recipe

Massage bar with coconut oil

from Frugal Kiwi

Add the contents of a couple of Vitamin E oil capsules to make these solid massage bars even better for the skin. Lovely! Full recipe

Easy bath melts

from Eco Yogini

You’ll need to lay your hands on a few more ingredients for this one, but nothing too difficult to find. Full recipe

Rose, Coconut and Epsom Salts Bath

from The Bath Tub Diva

A wonderful combo to relax, invigorate and pamper. Swap the rose oil for lavender for a soothing night-time bath. Full recipe

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    So glad you enjoyed the recipe! I’m looking forward to discovering more here! :)

    Thank you for sharing my Rose, Coconut and Epsom Salt Bath! Isn’t it great?
    Just checked my stats and saw I was getting people coming over from your site – yay!
    Your site is lovely, I’ll do a post about it when I get back in action.


    The Bath Tub Diva

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