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How Vitamin E and Vitamin A benefit your skin

Natural Vitamin E

You have to wonder why cosmetic industry scientists keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Nature has already produced skin's best friend in vitamin E. This remarkable vitamin plays a central role in helping your skin keep itself in optimum condition.

  1. Vitamin E works with the skin at a molecular level. As a powerful antioxidant, it protects cells against free radical damage, which has been linked with premature ageing.

  2. Vitamin E may even extend cell life. Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in California found that adding vitamin E to human cells in a test tube environment more than doubled their life.

  3. Vitamin E both protects skin and repairs it. It helps heal burns. It absorbs the sun's harmful UV rays.

  4. Vitamin E helps keep our blood in good heath and our immune system and circulation working properly.

With so many benefits, it's no surprise vitamin E is seen as an essential ingredient for healthy, glowing skin.

mature lady with glowing skin
20 percent

A full 20% of Super Natural Organic Facial Oil is pure, natural vitamin E. No other facial oil contains anything like 20% vitamin E. You're lucky to get 5%, but more likely to get less than 1% – even when a product has vitamin E in its name.

Vitamin A

No less important in keeping your skin looking its best, but for different reasons, is vitamin A.

If skin doesn't get enough vitamin A, cells can die prematurely. They then harden and plug oil sacs, leading to lumpy skin and acne. Vitamin A nourishes the skin, counteracts inflammations and protects cell membranes against the damage caused by free radicals. It's even been shown to help reduce the visible signs of ageing. Vitamin A boosts production of the protein fibrillin. Fibrillin is needed in collagen and elastin – two more proteins that give skin its natural elasticity.

Overdo the sunshine and you deplete your skin of collagen and elastin. If vitamin A triggers your body to make more fibrillin, it might also help repair some of that sun damage. With sound research to back this up, vitamin A is an obvious inclusion in the bid to keep wrinkles at bay and recapture the glowing complexion of younger years.

Many food sources, including carrots, are rich in vitamin A, but as it plays such a vital role in keeping your skin healthy and smoothing out wrinkles, it's another core ingredient in Super Natural Organic Facial Oil.

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