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Super Natural brings skin allergy relief after moisturiser nightmare.

Almost everyone has an allergy of some kind. But usually, we only find out about it the hard way. That was certainly the case for Pam G of Hampshire, UK, who contacted Super Natural with a real horror story.

She had bought a well-known brand of anti-ageing moisturising cream, a new product that had been launched with all the usual pizzazz. Within hours of applying it, Pam's face was burning.

She looked in the mirror and was horrified. Her face was bright red and swollen. She later discovered that an ingredient in the moisturiser had set off an extreme allergic reaction - a condition known as contact dermatitis.

What made things worse was that no matter what Pam applied to soothe her face, nothing worked. Water, cleanser, cold cream, hypoallergenic creams… Her skin simply flared up all the more. Whatever had caused the reaction had completely upset the natural balance of her skin.

Super Natural to the rescue

Although she had been a Super Natural customer for a while, when this happened, Pam was away from home and didn't have any Super Natural products with her. It was only when she returned that she found the relief she needed.

She massaged a little Organic Facial Oil into her skin. "I could feel its soothing effects instantly," she said. "It felt so healing and cooling." Within days she was well on the road to recovery.

Besides the Organic Facial Oil, Pam applied some Monoi Moisture Lock. This also had a soothing effect and convinced Pam that from now on, there was only one brand of skincare products she would ever put near her face.

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screenshot: organic facial oil review Pam

Hours after using a High Street brand moisturising cream, Pam’s face was red and swollen.

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